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co-location vs cloud

Co-location vs Cloud

Nowadays, whenever an organisation is planning a digital transformation, the cloud would be the first option that comes to mind. However, there’s another option that’s worth considering – co-location. Today, we’re going to see how do co-location providers compare with cloud providers. There are several distinct differences between the two and here are three of

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Can Cloud Wipe Out Data Centre Entirely?

Change is indeed inevitable, especially in the world of IT. Companies are slowly dropping the idea of setting up a primary data centre. Instead, they are weighing on the option of cloud. Having data centres was once vital for companies to store information and data. The number of data centres worldwide peaked at 8.55 million

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future data centre

The Future of Enterprise Data Centres, What’s Next?

With the rise of cloud computing, traditional enterprise data centres are adapting and evolving.  These changes are being driven by internal cost pressures and the shifting role of data centres, but also by external pressures such as data protection regulations. By 2025, the number of micro data centres will quadruple, due to technological advances, such as

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Open DC to build data centre

KUALA LUMPUR: Open DC Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian data centre company, expects to construct its new data centre in the Delapan Special Border Economic Zone (SBEZ) to contribute to Malaysia’s economic development. Founder and managing director Wong Weng Yew said the new data centre would complement the development of Delapan as a vibrant business hub.

Open DC to build data center in northern Malaysia

Malaysian data center firm Open DC is partnering with the Malaysian government to build a data center in the north of the country. The Minister of Finance Inc’s (MOF Inc) wholly-owned subsidiary, Northern Gateway Sdn Bhd (NGX), has partnered with Open DC to develop a data center in the Delapan Special Border Economic Zone in

Open DC Forms Strategic Alliance with Northern Gateway Sdn Bhd to Develop A Tier-3 Data Centre in Delapan Special Border Economic Zone

Putrajaya, 14 April 2022 – Open DC, one of the nation’s leading telecom-hub data centre provider is forming a strategic alliance with Northern Gateway Sdn Bhd (NGX), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Minister of Finance Incorporated (MOF Inc.) by signing a Master Agreement to develop a Tier-3 data centre in Delapan Special Border Economic Zone (formerly known