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Internet Exchange

The Johor Bahru Internet Exchange (JBIX) is Malaysia’s second Internet Exchange Point (IXP). Home to JBIX, the Open DC JB1 and JB2 data centre is located 2km away from the causeway linking Singapore and Malaysia. JB1 is located at Level 16, Menara MSC Cyberport, while JB2 will reside at Level 6, Menara Ansar.

JBIX is an open, carrier-neutral, membership-free Internet Exchange Point that runs on a carrier-grade high capacity low latency switching platform that can scale from 10 Gigabit up to Terabit capacity.

The private initiative by Extreme Broadband Sdn Bhd, will facilitate the mutual peering between different business organisations such as in the education and financial sector, OTT content providers, regional and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), hosting companies and more.

JBIX is currently run and maintained by the Open DC IP Core network team. Open DC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Extreme Broadband Sdn. Bhd., a licensed ISP in Malaysia.

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Public Peering

When your network is connected into the JBIX switching fabric, the service that is immediately available to you is the Public Peering.


Private Peering

Private peering over JBIX shared platform allows two networks to connect over a dedicated virtual LAN across the switching fabric.


Remote Peering

For networks which currently do not have presence in Johor Bahru or do not wish to collocate equipment in Open DC, they may consider the option of Remote Peering.

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Causeway Connect

Hosted by JBIX, the Causeway Connect is a managed fibre cross-connect service extending from the mid causeway to Open DC’s fibre meet-me room. The key element attracting global and regional players to peer with JBIX is the causeway connect managed dark fibre offerings connecting Malaysia to Singapore.

  • Service providers from both sides of the Causeway can interconnect their networks with ease and efficiency
  • Route diversity is an option that can also be included to enhance the infrastructure resiliency
  • Telcos are able to extend their hub from Singapore to JBIX using direct fibre connectivity via the causeway
  • Bandwidth cost will be reduced, and unlimited capacity will be provided
  • Managed fibre cross-connect services are available at a fixed monthly subscription rate

Services that scale to meet your IT infrastructure needs


We offer space options from racks, cages to suites. Coupled with configurable primary and redundant power options to run your infrastructure, our services can be scaled to support your near term growth requirements and future expansion.



  • Steel frames with lockable, fully ventilated doors, reversible left-or right-windowed doors, top cover fitted with fans and optional shelving
  • High-power racks available based on special design requests
  • Half and quarter racks available in select Open DC data centres


Caged Suites

  • Custom built with space assigned based on power allocations and the number of racks
  • Mesh walls, demarcation rack with patch panels, locking door, ladder rack and fibre raceway up to first rack position
  • Security features include dedicated cameras and biometric hand scanners


Partition Suites

  • Customised space wholly enclosed by solid partitions
  • Walls, doors, cable trays for power and cables, security and PDUs
  • Cross connects run to patch panels in designated racks

High-performance, low-latency, secure network connections

Cross Connects

Colocation in Open DC data centre allows you to position your services right in the middle of our multi-providers and multi-cloud ecosystem. Using our inter-dc cross connects, you can very easily and costs effectively tap into our connectivity network.


Improved Performance

  • Cross connection rules out the need for local loops and expensive dark fibre trenching
  • Proximity to your partners and customers reduces latency, jitter and failure
  • It also enhances speed and reliability and accelerates provisioning


Increased Flexibility

  • Interconnect in a diverse facility to customise your digital edge
  • To add flexibility, every installation is designed to simplify cable management and optimise scalability


Affordable Connectivity

  • Open DC’s cross connects are more affordable than local loops and are typically provisioned within 24 hours

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